Martin Roll is senior advisor, management consultant and mentor within global leadership, strategy, business development, branding and marketing.
Any level of corporate business – from corporate boards, business leaders and governments, to groups of managers and individuals can benefit from his consulting, advisory and mentoring expertise. Clients can also engage Martin Roll as a moderator for conferences, seminars, workshops and in-house meetings.
Martin Roll serves as a facilitator and mentor to business owners, business leaders and management teams. He provides advisory and guidance on leadership, strategy and execution, and how to build and sustain impact.
Martin Roll provides advisory to family businesses on strategy, leadership, next generation, succession and governance including mentoring to owners, family members, CEO and management teams.
Martin Roll has vast experience as a world-renowned speaker and is in constant demand at the most global influential business conferences worldwide. He is available for conferences, seminars and executive workshops.
Are you considering engaging with Martin Roll to help drive transformation and impact? Read some of the great testimonials from selected global clients where Martin Roll has provided keynote speaks and executive training.