Family Business

Martin Roll provides advisory to family businesses on strategy, leadership, next generation, succession and governance including mentoring to owners, family members, CEO and management teams. He is also an advisor to family offices.

Martin Roll has developed The Family Business Strategy Model and the Family Business Brand Model that help to guide strategy and brand decisions including the reputational implications. His consulting provides strategic frameworks, hands-on cases and concrete examples on how to successfully create and execute family business strategies, and lead family businesses with impact over the long-term.

Martin Roll has global experience and deep expertise in family business strategy and family office strategy. He advises global family business and family office clients on:

The role of strategy: It is important to get strategy right so the family firm can compete effectively and over the long term. However, developing and executing a successful strategy in a family firm context is of complex nature.

Family firm strategy is a curated balance between the past, present and future, and it involves many stakeholders.

Clear purpose and aligning family roles: Successful family businesses must seek to answer the following questions in order to develop a competitive strategy:

  • A clear view of what the family and the business bring to the world
  • Why it matters to stakeholders
  • How the family will create and run the business
  • Who in the family will be responsible for what
  • How it will be done across the business

Getting strategy right: Successful family firm strategy requires clarity and distinctiveness at the core of operations, defining and aligning of a shared future vision among family members, across multiple generations with diverse perspectives and motivations, relentless leadership, and a strong focus on effective execution.

The role of family branding and brands: Brands are strong assets for companies and an important part of family firm strategy. The building and management of iconic and impactful family firm brands can be strong competitive drivers, and represent significant financial value.