Consulting & Advisory

martinroll-imgs1Martin Roll is senior advisor, management consultant and mentor within global leadership, strategy, business development, branding and marketing.

Any level of corporate business – from corporate boards, business leaders and governments, to groups of managers and individuals can benefit from his consulting, advisory and mentoring expertise. Clients can also engage Martin Roll as a moderator for conferences, seminars, workshops and in-house meetings.

Martin Roll is a regular visitor to all continents where he passes on his experience, foresight and comprehensive toolbox on global leadership, strategy, business development, branding and marketing. With his global consultancy business based in Singapore, he is also in great demand for his insights into Asia, Asian affairs and business and leadership issues in Asia.

Martin Roll represents a flexible business approach including consulting, advisory services and mentoring assignments, and he is available on an ad hoc basis or for longer-term projects. His global customers often establish long-term agreements with him to secure continuity and close dialogue on the numerous challenges and opportunities facing their companies.

Martin Roll often serves as a mentor to business owners and management. He provides guidance on leadership, strategy and execution, and how to build and sustain high-performing, enduring businesses and organizations.

The following scenarios are available within global management, strategy, business development, branding and marketing:

  • External advisor and sparring partner for boards and top management
  • 1:1 consulting and mentoring
  • Consulting and mentoring for all kinds of management teams
  • Moderator at conferences, workshops, seminars
  • Internal and external keynote speeches and lectures
  • External facilitator and sparring partner within business development, strategy, business plans, brand equity, brand marketing optimization, ROI etc.