Martin Roll’s interview with Financial Times (Sri Lanka)

Martin Roll was interviewed by Financial Times (Sri Lanka) about the future of Sri Lanka brands and what is required by Sri Lanka companies and management executives to build and sustain global brands. Sri Lanka is yet to build any global brands but the potential is great.

Martin Roll discussed how Sri Lanka companies need to unlock the boardroom, and ensure marketing takes centre-stage and become part of overall company strategy. Boardrooms are often dominated by finance and technical professionals, but marketers must be elevated to provide a more holistic view at the Sri Lanka boardroom level, and to bring the voice of the market and the consumer to the discussion table. Right now marketers are lame ducks and they need to be elevated to the boardroom.

Sri Lanka companies, CEOs and boardrooms need to recognise the value of marketing in deciding on the strategic direction of an organization.

Media link: This interview appeared in Financial Times (Sri Lanka) in July 2012 (in English) – download Martin Roll – Financial Times (Sri Lanka) – 100712