Martin Roll To Speak At The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA)

Martin Roll As Conference Chair of Women’s Forum 2018 in Singapore

Martin Roll has been invited by the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) to deliver a 2-day master class session from 2-3 October 2019 at the PANA Brand Master Sessions 2019 in Manila. The session will be attended by business owners, CEOs, practitioners and aspiring advertisers with the objective of helping them gain a better understanding of how their companies can strengthen their brands and be elevated to a global status.

PANA is a non-profit organization established in 1958 and founded on the belief that advertising is an essential success factor in marketing and the economy. It aspires to be an association of advertisers providing leadership, guidance and support in the promotion of effective, truthful and responsible marketing communications, championing self-regulation, consumer protection, adherence to values and advancement of marketing communications and advertising practices to global standards.

Martin Roll is a world-renowned global business strategist, senior advisor and author of the best-selling book “Asian Brand Strategy” and forthcoming book “Family Business Strategy” (2020). He will deliver three topics during the masterclasses on the first day of the event:

  • Asian Brand Strategy: A New Paradigm
  • Transforming Family Business
  • Disrupting the Enterprise with Digital Transformation.

On the second day, Martin Roll will be holding Round Table Discussions with C-suites to engage them in deeper conversations about branding within their organizations. He will also deliver a free speak to young college and bachelor students at a local university as part of his global social impact program.

Marketing needs to be centralized in all departments

Martin Roll believes that a key challenge that most Asian companies are still facing today is to centralize the role of marketing in all departments of the company. Branding should not be isolated within the marketing department and should involve the entire organization. This challenge mainly stems from a lack of clarity of what marketing can achieve for the organization. A concerted marketing effort can help a company increase sales, elevate the brand status, and even become the strategic driver in Asian companies. The key to overcoming this challenge is to change the mindset of higher management.

Only when top management imbues the right mindset and buys into the concept of marketing, will they be able to implement it to the business units and instill a program to centralize marketing.

Professionalism should be implemented for family-owned businesses to survive

Family-owned businesses are abundant in Asian countries like the Philippines. Often, the third and fourth generations fail to uphold the legacy of their family businesses. Martin Roll believes that the lack of a proper succession plan is one of the reasons for this problem. With no clear plan presented to the succeeding generations, it is difficult for many family-owned companies to continue the family business.

To be able to continue a family legacy, it is critical for businesses to instill a culture of governance and professionalism through focusing on the skills of the family team rather than on their position within the family. Families must start involving their successors in every part of operations, inculcating in them a sense of dedication and loyalty to the business.

The time is now for Filipino brands to go global

With the number of Filipino brands gaining traction abroad, Martin Roll believes that they have the necessary tools, mindset and potential to succeed globally. In addition, the Filipino labor force has a very high mastery of the English language, which puts Filipino brands at a great advantage. Local business owners should leverage on their strengths to take their brands to a global scale.

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