Martin Roll’s interview with Financial Times (Sri Lanka)

Martin Roll was interviewed by Financial Times (Sri Lanka) about the future of Sri Lanka brands. Sri Lanka is yet to build any global brands but the potential is great for the country if they right decisions are taken at the right level. A new paradigm is required if Asian businesses including companies from Sri Lanka want to successful build and sustain more global brands to effectively compete against their predominantly Western peers.

Branding enhances shareholder value, it can become a catalyst for better leadership, it enables to drive a shared vision throughout the organization, and it can help to balance short- and long-term perspectives and performance.

Many Asian including Sri Lanka companies traditionally focused on asset-intensive industries. But it has been demonstrated that the most profitable Asian companies focus on intangibles such as human capital, exploiting network effects, and creating synergies based on brands or reputation, rather than investing in tangible assets.

Sri Lanka companies and their CEOs need a shift in thinking in their boardrooms toward creating strong brands to differentiate themselves and consequently realize greater profits. Branding is an investment that must be perceived as such and is required to deliver ROI and shareholder value like any other feasible business activity.

Martin Roll discussed how Sri Lanka companies need to ensure that branding and marketing become strategy, and help Sri Lanka to build more successful, iconic global brands.

Media link: This interview appeared in Financial Times (Sri Lanka) in July 2012 (in English) – download Martin Roll – Financial Times (Sri Lanka) – 110712