Martin Roll Teaching At The Academies By Harvard Student Agencies At Harvard University

Martin Roll will teach at The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies at Harvard University which offers intensive five-day academic enrichment programs for high-achieving students.

“As Director of Operations at the Harvard Student Agencies Academies, I have had the pleasure of providing programs in Business, Politics, Pre-Med, and Coding to students all across the world. This year was a unique experience due to the pandemic forcing all programming to be virtual. In this abrupt change, I met Martin Roll who pleasantly agreed to be our esteemed speaker for the Business program! All the students who heard from Mr. Roll expressed their awe and gratitude in having the opportunity to engage with such an inspirational speaker. I look forward to continuing our relationship!”, said Soy Choi.

Martin Roll will teach the following topics that will be essential for next generation leaders to achieve lasting success during their careers: Purpose, Strategy, Leadership, Family Business, Branding and Asia.

“It is deeply rewarding and inspiring to teach young students, educate next generation of young talents and help develop future global leaders. This initiative by the Harvard Student Agencies is very unique and showcases the special spirit, motivation and culture of Harvard University and its students. I am looking forward to continue and further develop the relationship’, said Martin Roll.

The Summer Business Academy at Harvard is a five-day program which aims to provide students with business fundamentals and a valuable hands-on experience to be ready to enter and succeed in the business world.

Students are also taught the integral components of launching a business: Idea generation, market research, customer research, competitive analysis, business plan, and elevator pitch.

Additionally, the Summer Business Academy also teaches interview strategies and resume building skills.

About The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies

The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies is a Harvard University student-run corporation committed to bringing rigorous academic experiences to students around the world. The Summer Academies offer an unparalleled and challenging academic experience on Harvard University’s campus, while the Weekend Academies have travelled to schools around the globe (though virtual during Summer 2020) offering programs in business, coding, politics and pre-med.

About Martin Roll

Martin Roll is an experienced global business strategist, senior advisor and facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, Asian firms and family-owned businesses. He advises clients on how to build and manage strong global brands, as well as leadership of high-performing, marketing-oriented businesses.

Martin Roll is CEO of Martin Roll Company with more than 25 years of board & C-suite counselling experience. He is an advisor to several global boards and prominent business families, and a mentor for next generation leaders in business families, start-ups and high-growth companies.

He has been a Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company.

Martin Roll is a highly accomplished keynote speaker at global conferences, an experienced conference moderator and executive workshop facilitator.

He is a Distinguished Fellow (family business) and Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD.

He teaches MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programs at INSEAD Business School, Nanyang Business School and is a frequent guest lecturer at ESSEC, IE Business School, Wharton, and other leading business schools.

Martin Roll is faculty and keynote speaker at The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) – a student-run organization of Harvard University. He is a member of the HPAIR Board of Advisors.

Martin Roll is lecturer and keynote speaker at The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies.

Martin Roll is the bestselling author of “Asian Brand Strategy” (2015) and co-author of “The Future of Branding” (2016), with two titles “Family Business Strategy” (2020) and “Family Office Strategy” (2021) in the pipeline. He is also columnist for INSEAD Knowledge and a regular commentator in global media.

He holds an INSEAD MBA.

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