Martin Roll Teaching Family Business Strategy at INSEAD Executive Workshops

Martin Roll is faculty and teach Family Business Strategy in the newly created INSEAD Executive Workshop “How to Successfully Work with Family Firms”. The first executive workshop was held on 23 September 2019 and 7 November 2019 on the INSEAD Europe and Asia campuses respectively with dates for 2020/21 being planned.

The workshop is organized by The Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise at INSEAD Business School, and is primarily targeted at executives, advisers, consultants, family office executives, family mentors and coaches working with or for family firms.

Family firms represent 70% of all global businesses, 70% of GDP and 60% of the global workforce and they represent unique business challenges and dynamics. The objective of the workshop is to uncover the strategies to understand and successfully operate with families in business.

Martin Roll teaches the INSEAD Executive Workshop alongside Morten Bennedsen, Professor and Academic Director of The Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise and author of The Family Business Map: Assets and Roadblocks in Long-Term Planning. The third faculty will be Heinz-Peter Elstrodt, Executive Fellow at London Business School, former senior partner at McKinsey & Company, and board member serving on several family business boards.

“How to Successfully Work with Family Firms” as an INSEAD Executive program is being planned for 2020/21.

How to Successfully Work with Family Firms – INSEAD Executive Workshop

This transformational one-day workshop covers long-term planning in family firms, professionalizing family firm leadership and family firm board, and family business strategy.

Successful family firms develop business strategies based on the unique contributions their family delivers to the firm. This is the key comparative advantage and the source of the family firm’s distinctive culture and business strategy. Managing and growing a family firm is a process of removing roadblocks which may originate from the family, the market or institutional environments. They are different in nature and each of them has the power to compromise the success of a family firm. A structured planning framework for long-term family business planning, The Family Business Map, is introduced during the workshop.

The process of changing the organization of the family firm from a traditional family managed business to a structured professionalized organization will also be explored through a role-play based on a real-life second-generation case of a family firm that went through a highly complex succession and business transfer process. Key elements of the family firm board including its role, its composition, its values, the corporate strategy and the role of the CEO is discussed in the session.

It will also be crucial for family firms to get Family Business Strategy right to compete effectively and over the long term. However, this is a complex process. Family firm strategy is a curated balance between the past, present and future, and it involves many stakeholders. Successful family firm strategy requires clarity and a distinctiveness at the core of operations, defining and aligning of a shared future vision among family members, across multiple generations with diverse perspectives, relentless leadership and effective execution.

In the workshop, Martin Roll covers strategic frameworks including The Family Business Strategy Model and the Family Business Brand Model, hands-on cases and concrete examples to demonstrate how to successfully create and execute family business strategies and family business brands.

Martin Roll will publish a new management book titled “Family Business Strategy – Leading Future Paths With Impact” in 2020. The book will contain strategic frameworks, hands-on cases and concrete examples on how to successfully create and execute strategies, and lead family businesses with impact over the long-term. He will also publish “Family Office Strategy – Creating a Multi-Generation Legacy” in 2021.

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The Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise (INSEAD)

The Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise at INSEAD Business School helps improve the long-term performance and sustainability of family enterprises across industries all over the world. It conducts research, provides education and acts as an international platform for knowledge exchange, in order to support families in business in their endeavor to combine sustainable business growth and healthy family relationships.

About Martin Roll

Martin Roll delivers the combined value of an experienced global business & brand strategist, senior advisor and facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, Asian firms and global family-owned businesses on how to build and manage strong, global brands as well as leadership of high-performing, marketing-oriented businesses in a hyper connected and fast-paced, digitalized world.

Martin Roll is the founder and CEO of Martin Roll Company and brings with him more than 25 years of C-Suite counselling experience. He is a mentor for next generation leaders in business families, start-ups and growth companies.

He is a Distinguished Fellow and an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD Business School. He holds an MBA from INSEAD.

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